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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Reload your Touch & Go at Our Office - no surcharge

We are always trying hard to provide additional services to our customer. It is our mission!

Touch 'n Go reload machine
Recently, we have managed to work with Touch 'n Go to install a reload machine at our office.It is one of the latest service provided by them to make it easier for their customer to reload their Touch 'n Go cards.

The machine is located at the reception area, next to the Auto Pay Station.

For now, the method of payment is cash only. The available transactions are card information and card reload only. You can reload as little as RM1 at the machine. No surcharge for all transactions.

Interface of the reload machine
So, if you are looking for a Touch 'n Go reload without surcharge, please come to our parking office at level P2 of KLCC Suria. We are open 24 hours.